About Majarra

Majarra is a technology company that offers a network of reliable,
high-quality online content platforms in Arabic, available through a single

Majarra’s platforms cover management, science, technology, psychology,
general health, finance, and more. In order to ensure the content quality,
Majarra works with the best content providers in the world, and partners
with global institutions and organizations such as Harvard Business Review,
MIT Technology Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, Popular Science,
and others. Majarra also owns “Man Hom”,
the only Arabic service offering professional profiles and company data.

Developing the Arabic Online Content Industry

By investing and working to bring about a fundamental change in the status
of Arabic digital content, Majarra seeks to contribute to the region’s
economic and social growth and development, and Arab revival of Arab, from
ocean to ocean. Through our products and services, Majarra works to provide
Arabic readers anywhere with access to reliable knowledge and information
from credible sources in modern and accurate Arabic, helping them improve
their lives and make better decisions on a personal or professional level.

Majarra wishes to unlock the potential of Arabic digital content, ushering
a new dawn for an industry we believe is necessary to achieve progress in
our region. Therefore, we believe that current commercial models that rely
on ad revenue and follower base feed an environment that lowers the quality
of content, and weakens the possibility of sustainability given the limits
on return. The field is wide open for free content, but Majarra offers a
new vision for discerning, thoughtful readers.

Launching Majarra

On 23 March 2021, Abdulsalam and Ammar Haykal launched Majarra through a
letter in which they said: “As digital content continues to proliferate in
the world, Arabic content continues to lag. This is a massive lost
opportunity for our societies. And for countless Arabs that look to quality
information to support their growth and progress, it is a constant
frustration. Arabic content online is dominated by old forums,
user-generated content on social media, and mistranslations of pirated
content. There’s not enough Arabic content overall and reliable content is
even scarcer. Arabic Internet users have to turn to English sources for
help. That may work well for an elite fraction of our societies, but for
the majority, it is one more barrier to becoming their best selves. This is
where Majarra will step in.”

We aim to provide the web’s most reliable content in Arabic. We will do
that in partnership with the world’s most credible and reputable content
providers. Majarra content will help users in their daily life, empower
their aspirations and ambitions and give them the access needed to
understand the world around them. Majarra will help Arabic speakers advance
their careers, lead richer lives and fulfill their potential. It will put
Arab users on the same footing as everyone else in the digital world.”

Majarra’s History

Majarra succeeds “Haykal Media”, which was established in Syria in 2004,
before it moved to Abu Dhabi in 2013. The company has been a pioneer in
publishing Arabic content online, operating a number of the best quality
Arabic content platforms on the web.