Haykal Media selects Booklava as its exclusive audio partner

Haykal Media, the Middle East’s leading knowledge and information platforms company, announced today that they have chosen Booklava as their exclusive audio platform through a multi-year, exclusive partnership. Through this agreement, the Arabic editions of Harvard Business Review, Popular Science and MIT Tech Review will become available in audio format. The first audio products of these iconic brands will be rolled out starting this fall, and will be available on the Booklava app and on Haykal Media’s digital channels.

“Haykal Media is committed to enhancing access to knowledge, information, and inspiration in the Arab region, and audio content is a key component in our strategy,” said Ammar Haykal, CEO of Haykal Media. “We admire Booklava’s vision and execution, and believe they are the best partner to address this opportunity with. We are eager to the unique content of our brands available for those in our communities that prefer the audio format,” he added.

“We are building Booklava as a hub of the best quality Arabic audio content whether it’s audio books, audio versions of premium platforms, podcasts, and more,” said Tarek El Bolbol, founder and CEO of Booklava. “It is a unique opportunity to offer premium products from Haykal Media, which has been at the forefront of the growing demand of high quality content in business, leadership, self-development, innovation, science, and technology.”

While it remains an untapped opportunity in the MENA region, Spoken-word audio has seen fast double-digit growth globally over the past few years, driven mainly by the mainstream adoption of audiobooks and podcasts in a fast-paced, always on the go lifestyle. Booklava estimates that almost 1,000 hours a year is time in which our eyes are busy but are ears not necessarily so, like when driving, commuting, jogging, at the gym, or even doing home chores walking, (needs more) “ This is time that’s gone forever, but with spoken-word audio, can become time in which you listen to meaningful, educational, or entertaining content – while on the go,” said El Bolbol.