It is true that translation is the process of transforming words into another language, but this is only half the story. Translation is transformation of spirit and emotions. At Haykal Media, our contingent of professional translators will help you adapt your text to your audience’s culture and nuance, communicating effectively in your target language all over the world.

We offer a whole set of in-house translation services, including reports translation, website translation as well as financial, legal, scientific, and technical translation solutions. We will change the language, but keep the emotion, style and spirit of your powerful words. It will sound as if it was never written in a different language. And this is why we are the masters of transcreation!

What happens when you send us a document (or two, or a hundred)?

As soon as we receive your documents, it will be assigned a specific project manager, who reports to the Head of Content, and will be the primary contact throughout the delivery process.

The text is then analysed to understand the text type, the resources needed, any specialty translators, and the time needed will be communicated to our client.

The project manager, along with the translators and members of the content team will take care of all linguistic, cultural, and layout issues. These will be highlighted to the client to ensure they are addressed properly.

How do we ensure top quality?

Now it’s time for the translators to start working on the document. Once they are done, the document is edited by a proofreader who provides the final draft to a native reader. The native reader will ensure the text flow and context looks and sounds native.

The Head of Content ensures top quality of every single word sent to our clients, as well as ensuring all client needs are met, including special terms and deadlines.

After delivery, Haykal Media archives all files for all clients


We work with many entities who have sensitive and highly confidential information. Based on each client’s preference, we do a hard delete of previous files every month (or we keep files for 24 months in standard cases).

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